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The Boyshadow project takes life in the musical experimentations of Anthony Channer, bringing together sheer musicality and modern electronica in tracks that are on fire with emotion and intensity.

Unbound by genre and unrestrained by their audience, these are tracks created purely for their own musical sake, not designed to beg for Facebook likes or Soundcloud favourites. What results are incredibly honest, instrumental pieces, transporting the listener through realms both melodic and raw, whimsical yet sometimes heavily industrial.

Between the albums ‘Boyshadow’ and ‘By Endurance We Conquer’, each track feels like a self-contained dreamscape. Best described as a kind of deeply instrumental electronica, these albums are highly introspective and transporting, and can feel like an ethereal tour through some pretty intense sonic lands.

Basslines are deeply stirring, synths bring high drama and a futurist feel, percussion rains down ferocious energy. In fact each musical element combines to create a cacaphonic deluge of sound that accesses a core part of your being through its layered, powerful arrangement. This is groove music for a technological age, and you’ve arrived just in time for the emergence of new collection of tracks from the Boyshadow vault.


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